Tuesday, March 30, 2010

さようなら SHU UEMURA!!!!

Eye Lash curler connoisseurs!!
Shu Uemura will be no more!! I work for the company now, at one of the most lucrative counters in the US. So upon hearing this news, it hit me...HARD.I believe that everything happens for a reason,yet the US losing this company is devastating. This year, we have witnessed some major cosmetic giants take a blow. With the likes of Perscriptives, Max Factor and now Shu Uemura (Kanebo was almost one of them as well, but they are keeping it in Bergdorfs exclusively as to not upset clientele) we are losing companies with cult product followings to bigger kingpins like Cover girl and Chanel, two completely different price points which are the staples in alot of women's makeup bags. Ive seen into quite a few of these bags covered in broken powder compacts and loose pills. These companies are dropping like past seasoned Louboutins.

We makeup junkies need to come back and support, with our wallets, the chains and the ma and pops, to get through another tube of mascara.

So ladies (and my boys,you know who you are) go out and buy that extra lip colour for summer and top it with that f***ing gloss!! Get that super expialodociously rich anti-oxidant blah blah placenta based serum!!! WHY...because you need it!!!! Siiigggh,I do it because I love it..at the end of the day I'm just trying to keep my job and have some creative fun along the way.

Love,Life and Eye Cream.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Japanese Nail Art

This is the coolest thing you can possibly do to your nails..Its so much fun when people on the train cant stop looking at your hands.The best conversation starter ever.Take a look at all my fave looks..If you live in the NYC area,i go to a girl in Brooklyn that does it..email me if you wanna know!

Oh Chanel..you never fail with nail laquers...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello blog world!

Hi,this is my first blog post EVER..a little nervous actually..
I'm probably jumping on the bandwagon a little late but
I'm not here to be famous,I'm testing out the waters because
I've always wanted to do it.Now..a little about myself..
Everyone i know basically calls me babe,my name is Angela and i kinda
go by babe or Ang. I live in NYC and love it. I'm a makeup artist and I love fashion.
I'd like to bring you into my world though.I am a huge Gaga fan, I think she's revolutionized not only the pop music world but,beauty and fashion(obv).She's iconic I would say and I think she's made people believe in themselves a little more and to be more daring and confident.I think she gives us a pretty good excuse to be ourselves,in all our weirdness or over the top-ness. SO,snaps for the Lady..
On the subject..the new video is SO sick..whoever hasnt watched it,get out from under that rock and please do..Its amazing and it brightened up my whole week. : ) Have a great weekend!!!