Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello blog world!

Hi,this is my first blog post EVER..a little nervous actually..
I'm probably jumping on the bandwagon a little late but
I'm not here to be famous,I'm testing out the waters because
I've always wanted to do it.Now..a little about myself..
Everyone i know basically calls me babe,my name is Angela and i kinda
go by babe or Ang. I live in NYC and love it. I'm a makeup artist and I love fashion.
I'd like to bring you into my world though.I am a huge Gaga fan, I think she's revolutionized not only the pop music world but,beauty and fashion(obv).She's iconic I would say and I think she's made people believe in themselves a little more and to be more daring and confident.I think she gives us a pretty good excuse to be ourselves,in all our weirdness or over the top-ness. SO,snaps for the Lady..
On the subject..the new video is SO sick..whoever hasnt watched it,get out from under that rock and please do..Its amazing and it brightened up my whole week. : ) Have a great weekend!!!

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